Team Terminology

Soccer is played at a frantic pace. Things happen quickly. These single and uncomplicated instructions take the place of a long conversation with or from a coach or a teammate. Each word depicts an action that needs a calculated response.

KEEPER – The goalkeeper shouts this to inform defenders that they are coming off the line to take the ball – defenders cover to the side and behind.

Overlap – Initiated by a player passing the ball out to a wide-player (near the side of the pitch), and then links with that wide-player after running around the defender to the outside of the wide-player, to receive a pass from the wide-player creating a 2 v 1 movement. READ MORE

Coaching Smarter Saving Time

Smart coaching can be as simple as better organization prior to the season using a mapped out plan for an entire season. Having a practice plan for your sessions gives you a body of work that can be easily accessed and be ready for delivery to your team. Being organized and having a plan takes away an awful lot of anguish, frustration and ultimately failure in producing the education goals you aspire to.

A coach’s consistency of content throughout the season is key to instructing and demonstrating to their players that they are knowledgeable and engaged with the squad of players. Parents from the side lines will appreciate the coach more when they see energy, movement and meaningful activities that players are embracing and showing fun emotions while doing them. READ MORE