COACHES CORNER: The Playground is the Ultimate Soccer Field for Free (and Fun!) Play

When my two boys are asked what their favorite part of their school day was, the answer is inevitably “gym” or “recess.” I know nobody wants to think of the end of summer quite yet, and especially not a return to school, but I also know my kids are already excited about getting to again hang with their extended friend group all at once – something that only happens during recess.

In the case of my eldest son, recess also proved to be a useful soccer recruiting tool. He and his friends play before lunch every single day, even outside in the winter months. This group has grown steadily over the years, which has in turn also grown not only a love of the game amongst the other students, but actual players that went on to join the local competitive club. READ MORE

When is it best to Invest in training?

Small investment; huge payback – Why Wait?

Organizations use parent volunteer coaches in many recreational soccer programs and provide some training.  Training is often just mission-critical items.  In today’s environment, organizations are required to do:

  • Background checks
  • Provide Safety Training
    • An association-sponsored Safety course – dealing with keeping players and coaches safe
    • A Concussion awareness course
    • A Cardiac response course
    Emergency weather and response

    But what about some formal training in the area of Soccer Coaching?

    Often, the parent volunteer coach is provided with a 15-minute skills training along with maybe a 1-hour course on how to run a practice session. If the organization promotes it sometimes a course for Grass Roots Coaching is taught. READ MORE

FUN in Parenting, FUN in Coaching, FUN makes Happy Players.

On the top of the list from all of the surveys, studies, and reports from the Medical professionals is the word FUN as they describe what young soccer players are searching for in the game. It is pretty easy to make the game of Soccer FUN! Here are some of the ways.

Breaking down what makes them pulsate and be engaged in Soccer we find that building a skill set with the ball is very satisfying and enables them to grow and develop in the game.  Learning how to give energy and gain stamina during practice builds inner self esteem leading them to trying their hardest while active in the sport, in both practice and games. READ MORE

MOTI Mobile Tip: Making Communicating with your Team Simple!

The Announcement Board

Communicate so everyone hears your message!

You, as the Coach, should customize the Announcement as soon as you can.  Then remind players, coaches and parents to view the Announcements to obtain up-to-date information.  

Once players, coaches, and parents view the Announcement they will see the benefit of it.  No more email messages to hunt for in your email, trying to remember which email address they are coming to, or remembering which “category” your email provider shuffled your messages of to in their attempt to organize your life. READ MORE

Playing in the backyard

A bit of nostalgia hit me the other day as a family member and I were going through some old photos.  We stumbled across a picture that sent me back to my youth.  We use to play soccer in the backyard.  The clothes line my mom would use to dry our cloths and a tree formed the perfect goal.  I would practice my free kicks and, using a makeshift wall, would make great passes to set me up for my perfect shots and goals!

Today it is easy for the kids to play FIFA on their devices but it will never compare to spending hours playing in the backyard, taking shots, juggling, and so on. READ MORE

US Women’s National Team Has Fun!

Watching the US Women’s National Team win the World Cup was a joy for me.  It was not just the victories nor the celebrations by the players and the fans.  It was the tremendous skill seen by player after player, all executing at such a high level and at such a pace.

It was Morgan’s Cruyff move for a goal verses Thailand or her laces volley verses Japan, Heath’s fake shot to the outside and goal verses Sweden,  and  Rapinoe’s inside of the foot no panic pass to the back of the net verses England that I loved to see. READ MORE


Last month we took a look at different team formations for youth soccer, getting yourself organized and how to organize a coaching session.

This month we will take a look at some foundational Tactics and Systems of Play.

Tactics and Systems of  Play

Simple Principles of Play

  • Support
  • Width
  • Depth

Taking just those basic principles, how does one put together a system of play?  Let’s start.


            CB READ MORE