MOTI Soccer App – New Practice Plan Menu Update

As you sign in to the MOTI Soccer App you may notice a different look in our Practice Plan, as we improve the user experience with the addition of “Skill & Drill Menus”.

Below is the evolution of the Practice Plan Landing Page.

  • Version 1 – Always had the Team Announcement Board open to read (people had to slide down to read the plan)
  • Version 2 – Minimized the Announcement Board. This allowed for users to see more of the plan, but required the Announcement Board to be Maximized for reading
  • Version 3 – The addition of images representing Foot Skills and Drills. This allows you to slide your finger back and forth while touching the images to quickly find the one you are looking for, and Tap on the image will launch the animation. You can still slide down the Practice Plan to read the notes on each activity to the player & coach.
  • Version 4 – This is the Practice Plan with the Announcement Board open

Legend of the Practice Plan READ MORE