MOTI Mobile App – In-App-Subscriptions for Foot Skills (Techniques) Available

MOTI™ Sports is pleased to announce in our latest release of MOTI Mobile the availability of in-app-subscriptions. 

We are making our famous 3D Foot Skills available for youth soccer players in both boys and girls models. We have several development levels available:

  • Foundation Foot Skills – contains eight (8) narrated 3D motion-captured skills and 2 exercise 3D drills for beginning players – Priced at $0.99 per month
  • Advanced Foot Skills – contains nine (9) narrated 3D motion-captured skills and 2 exercise 3D drills for players who have mastered the Foundation Foot Skills – Priced at $1.49 per month
  • Premier Foot Skills – contains eleven (11) narrated 3D motion capture skills and 2 exercises 3D drills for players who have mastered the Advanced Foot Skills – Priced at $1.99 per month

Users, who require Spanish, can change the language in the app user profile and on the display.

To subscribe to our 3D Skills, look for the Shopping Bag in the App in either the App-View or soon in our next app release in Web-View. READ MORE

Tips for Coaches using the MOTI Mobile App

Coaches using the MOTI Mobile App do several basic functions on a weekly basis. This short article will guide you thru these basic functions as if you were on your phone vs a desktop platform.

1. Set-up the App to save your password, so you do not need to enter it every time

a. Before signing in Check the box on the Sign-In saying “Remember Me

b. Switch to APP VIEW from Web View, by pressing the button at the bottom of the Screen. If you see the “Gear” or Settings Button at the top of the Screen and the bottom button says “SWITCH TO WEB VIEW” – Then you are in APP VIEW. READ MORE

MOTI Mobile Tip: What does the App do, and why should I use it?

The MOTI Mobile App is a free, but very powerful App designed to work with our cloud based platform and provides a real time 3D viewing experience of our 3D Skills and 3D Drills. The MOTI Mobile App has three functional components.

  • Thin Internet Browser – This provides direct viewing of the information, it eliminates players and coaches from “wondering around” the internet thus providing a safe & secure environment for youth to use.
  • 3D Technical Skills – This plays the 3D Technical Skills (Foot Skills) allowing the coach or player to rotate around the Skill being demonstrated,from any viewing perspective in the Mobile App via a gaming engine technology (in the future this will lead in the future to a better visual learning experience). This method enhances visual learning while significantly reducing or entirely eliminating “data streaming” which uses up your mobile data plan. It is much simpler to ship a very small file than it is to stream a large video stream.
  • 3D Tactical Skills – This plays the 3D Tactical Drills (activities, simulations) and allows the player or coach to rotate and view the drill / activity / simulation from any perspective needed to comprehend the drill. This is implemented in a gaming engine technology, which in the future will provide for significant enhancement of viewing and understanding.

Two items to note. First when viewing a 3D element (Skill or Drill) once it has been viewed, it will not be downloaded again (as it is already located with in the app), unless the MOTI MOBILE App is reset. Second the re-flash of the MOTI Blue Logo Screen that you see between viewing the Practice Plan and viewing a 3D Skill or Drill, is simply the app, refreshing the contents of the Thin Internet Browser. READ MORE

MOTI Mobile App – Engineered for Learning Visually & Easily

The MOTI Mobile App was designed to present a session/practice/lesson plan to the user visually and be easy to use and understand.

When you log into the MOTI Mobile App you are presented with the

  • Announcement Board
    This contains simple general information the Coach wants the team (players, parents and other coaches) to read immediately. It may contain simple information, such as reminders about clothing, equipment or location of practice, feedback about the previous contest, birthday wishes for a player, and alike.
  • Practice Plan (Currently Scheduled)
    The heart of the system, this one item enables coaches to share with everyone what is expected to be accomplished at the next practice (session/lesson).
  • 3D Skills   is the technique/foot skill to be studied and practiced. The beauty of this is allowing players and parents to practice these at home. With a single touch, the animation with a professionally narrated audio appears. A simple touch of the “>” Play button and the animation comes to life. Players, parents, and coaches use fingertip controls of the screen to view the animation from any perspective. Here is a brief video showing the controls. Touch here to view a brief video on controls of the Skills Player.
3D Drills    is the drill or activity presented to be studied prior to practice. The simplicity of this is that coaches can now see and listen to the activity to be performed, all the coaching points are there along with how the drill progresses and re-generates. Players can watch the drill so that when practice begins coaches don’t have to spend precious time on the practice area explaining what is to occur. Again a simple touch of the “>” Play button begins the animation. Players, parents, and coaches can use fingertips controls to view from any perspective. Touch here to view the controls for the Drills Player. A host of other viewing features from adding player & ball trails to watching from the 1st person perspective can be found here on our website – READ MORE