Remember your most loyal supporter at home!

During soccer season coaches and players are going non-stop to practices, clinics, training, and games. Hours of traveling, sitting at practices or games, added laundry,  meals on the go, and missed weekly chores are all part of the normal chaos that is part of the soccer season. All too often we take for granted the support we receive at home. Whether it is a parent driving us to practice/game, shopping for shoes, or a spouse that is taking on extra duties around the house so you can focus on coaching or playing, now we need to recognize our base of support and thank them!

I know from experience over the years and thousands of hours of volunteering in community-based activities, boards, and working with teams of youth, I could not have done it without my home base of support.

So, take a moment this season and thank those around you that provide you with encouragement and support, allowing you as a coach or player to have the time to work at this beautiful game.