Team Terminology

Soccer is played at a frantic pace. Things happen quickly. These single and uncomplicated instructions take the place of a long conversation with or from a coach or a teammate. Each word depicts an action that needs a calculated response.

KEEPER – The goalkeeper shouts this to inform defenders that they are coming off the line to take the ball – defenders cover to the side and behind.

Overlap – Initiated by a player passing the ball out to a wide-player (near the side of the pitch), and then links with that wide-player after running around the defender to the outside of the wide-player, to receive a pass from the wide-player creating a 2 v 1 movement. READ MORE

COACHES CORNER: Parental Advisory! A Beginning Guide to Some Soccer Lingo

If you are looking to gain some credibility with your player(s) or in conversations with those in the know, here is a quick list of some fun dos and suggested don’ts of things to say.

First, two sideline pitfalls to avoid!

Boot it! – Usually used to instruct a player to get the ball cleared or plead with them to just kick it really hard.  The only time the word boot should come out of your mouth around soccer players is when you are quaintly referring to the soccer cleats on someone’s feet or instructing someone to grab some equipment from your car trunk. Think “cool new boots” or “could you please grab the cones from the boot, my car is the white Honda.” READ MORE