Coaching Children Ages U6/U8 – Part 1

This is the first in a three-part series on coaching children at this young age.


Children at these ages are being introduced to just how much FUN it is to play soccer.  By providing a safe and fun environment you can ensure a positive experience for the children.

You are coaching because you care for children.  You may not even know much about soccer (well, not yet anyway), and that is OK!  What you bring to the soccer field as their coach is your personality!  Your enthusiasm for them will show through any misgivings you might have about your soccer coaching abilities.  Consider this:  these children may not remember what you teach them about soccer, but they will always remember how you make them feel. READ MORE

TACTICS AND FORMATIONS from MOTI – Organizing Your Practices

Style of Play (Team Formation Recommendations)


Playing small-sided games are recommended throughout the soccer community for ages up to U13.  Small sided games allow the players to maximize their touches.  This will allow the players to improve their skills with the ball, improve their confidence and comfort on the ball, develop intelligence with and without the ball, promote faster decisions and develop partnerships within the team.  And most importantly it makes the game more fun to play!  It’s a good thing you have them practicing their MOTI skills. ? READ MORE