It’s Time To Make A Change

February and March allow most organizations to pause and reflect a bit.  Board meetings will bring up new topics, as new board members come on board and try to rejuvenate the organization’s leadership. High School awards banquets or Club banquets celebrate the players and coaching achievements, and often the parental involvement for being supporters of their players.  Many organizations are beginning to work hard to improve skills with their competitive players, and in some cases, that is in-doors. READ MORE

MOTI Website Tip: Adding & Creating a New Practice Plan

As a coach you may desire to modify, add or change an existing practice

It is recommended that you do the following actions from a desktop or
laptop computer, creating and editing are done best in those environments.

Adding & Creating a New Plan

  1. Go your Plan Library
  2. One the far upper right hand corner click the “+” (plus sign). This
    opens a new Plan
  3. Fill in the Practice Plan Header

a. Fill in the ‘Practice Plan Title” with a new name

Suggestion: Use a prefix like abbreviated team name first followed by a name that is meaningful to you and players

b. Fill in the “Practice Plan Date” using the date picker (you can do this
later as well)

c. Fill in the “Practice Plan time” using the time picker (you can do this
later as well)

d. Fill in the “Practice Location” if desired

e. Fill in the “Practice Plan Description” up to 200 characters for more
communication to you players and coaches

f. Check the box to make this Plan Active (visible to others when

g. Organization – make sure your “organization” is visibly selected

h. Season – make sure your “season” is visibly selected

i. Team – make sure it is “your team” where you are adding the Practice


  • Filling the Practice Plan detail (Drop N Drag)