Technique / Skills Mastery – “I am watching you”

Recently, I was observing a coach providing some coaching points to a player, reminding them of the proper move or form to strike the ball. The player appreciated the attention and direction. The player kept working at the move without the coach’s feedback for a while. The player became less rigid in their form over time. The coach simply turned and remarked “I am watching you” and the player’s form or technique improved instantly.

Coaches often obtain knowledge of the game and how to work with players thru course work at the sports local club, state or national organizations. This knowledge transfer is gained thru “education”. READ MORE

Opportunity for FUN in Recreational Soccer!

Hi – Parent Volunteer Soccer Coaches and Soccer Players, we’ve been waiting for you!

Are you a “parent volunteer soccer coach” looking for training on “what”and “how” to coach soccer players?

Good! You’ve found us! That is what we do with our Mobile App!

We’ve developed a mobile application (App) to walk you “the parent volunteer coach” thru every practice session step-by-step, with a system that enables the Players to develop while you are developing.

Recreational soccer coaching requires guidance (practice/session plan) to run an educational, engaging and effective practice every evening. We’ve taken the guess work out of preparing for each practice, by providing a template (practice/session plan) for your soccer team to follow. We’ve taken the guess work out of “what” to do, and “when” to do it. Plus, while you the coach are developing as a coach, we know that players can certainly be part of the development process and be as engaged as you are! So our system is designed and tested to have players see and study right along with you. It works! READ MORE