They won’t pass the ball

Do you remember when they wouldn’t pass the ball to you?

 Do you remember? That “feeling” when as a youth player you first began playing the game; another player passed the ball to you, and you lost the ball to the other team because you misjudged how to handle the pass. Then later on in the game that “feeling” you experienced when, you were “open to receive,” and the other players would not pass the ball to you because they thought you’d lose the ball to the other team.  READ MORE

Youth Soccer Dropouts

Why are youth above the age of 13-14 dropping out of youth soccer?

Players enter the soccer world at the age of 5 or 6 in recreational soccer.  They continue up the age and skill ladder having fun playing the game, and then the game becomes competitive at the age of 10-12 years old.  By the age of 13-14 years old, players are leaving the game of soccer, not because they are not enjoying themselves, but because there are no options for them to play.  We know that players physically develop at different rates, and not always by the cut-off dates with their birthdate (relative age effect). Recreational soccer literally disappears by age U14 from our soccer clubs, organizations, city park and recreation programming, only to return by the age of U18+ as an adult league. READ MORE

When is it best to Invest in training?

Small investment; huge payback – Why Wait?

Organizations use parent volunteer coaches in many recreational soccer programs and provide some training.  Training is often just mission-critical items.  In today’s environment, organizations are required to do:

  • Background checks
  • Provide Safety Training
    • An association-sponsored Safety course – dealing with keeping players and coaches safe
    • A Concussion awareness course
    • A Cardiac response course
    Emergency weather and response

    But what about some formal training in the area of Soccer Coaching?

    Often, the parent volunteer coach is provided with a 15-minute skills training along with maybe a 1-hour course on how to run a practice session. If the organization promotes it sometimes a course for Grass Roots Coaching is taught. READ MORE

MOTI Mobile Tip: Making Communicating with your Team Simple!

The Announcement Board

Communicate so everyone hears your message!

You, as the Coach, should customize the Announcement as soon as you can.  Then remind players, coaches and parents to view the Announcements to obtain up-to-date information.  

Once players, coaches, and parents view the Announcement they will see the benefit of it.  No more email messages to hunt for in your email, trying to remember which email address they are coming to, or remembering which “category” your email provider shuffled your messages of to in their attempt to organize your life. READ MORE

MOTI Mobile Tip: Reliance on the Internet

Over the past 5 years, our dependence on internet access in our daily lives has grown exponentially.

Just a short 3-4 years ago communications between Coach and Player or Parent was simply by phone call.

Now we have come to rely on email, texts or team management systems, and we hope the communications are up to the minute.

Today with hot-spots on cell phones and wifi access points (almost) everywhere we’ve begun to forget about “not being connected”.

We at MOTI Sports, always want you to be able to access our 3D Training Content, where ever you are located. READ MORE