Going Forward – Managing our Expectations

The Past 90 days have changed the way we look at things.

Recent changes in social distancing have brought “the family unit” within many countries closer together.

Youth players are at home with their parents and trying to keep their heads in the game, their foot skills sharp and their physical conditioning up to pair. Parents are closer to their players now more than ever before and can now provide positive feedback communications their coaches used to provide on an in-person basis.

Parent’s providing that critical feedback mechanism need to be aware of the positive impact on self-esteem the player will feel with proper communication. READ MORE

MOTI MOBILE Tip: Drill Controls – Part 1 of 3

MOTI Mobile drill controls give the user control over the playback of the
drill, options for viewing the drill from different locations and
management of the special effects available. The drill controls are
positioned at the bottom of the screen.

This series of articles will be divided into 3 parts. Topics for the 3
parts are:

  1.  Animation Controls and Overview (this article) – Part 1
    introduces the main control panel, the animation controls and the
    menu/control-panel buttons.
  2.  Zoom and Camera Views – Part 2 covers both the zoom control and
    the camera view menu that help with viewing the drill in different ways.
  3.  Drill Effects – Part 3 will covers the drill effects that are
    available to help visualize the workings of the drill.

Controls Overview

The drill controls are located at the bottom of the screen and are always
on-screen. The follow sections will refer to the image below using both the
icon and the numbers for identification.

Restart-When-Done Button

The restart-when-done button (number 1) allows the user to choose if the
drill will start again at the beginning once it is completed. This button
has the following states:

Restart-when-done (highlighted)

In this state, when the drill reaches the end, it will restart at the

Do not restart-when-done (not highlighted)

In this state, when the drill reaches the end, it will stop and will not
restart until the Play button is pressed again.

As a note, the restart-when-done setting will be remembered between viewing

Zoom Button

The zoom button (number 2) will display a pop-up control panel that can
change the zoom of the camera. This allows the user to zoom in or out while
not moving the camera. The details of this control panel will be covered in
a subsequent article.

Step-Back Button READ MORE