Family that Plays Together

Families that Play together…Stay together

Most families that had “busy schedules” prior to the pandemic have slowed almost to a stop along with their physical activity levels.

Take the initiative playing “pickup soccer” as a family physical activity that is fun and rewarding. 

Parents, children, grandparents, close family members all benefit from not only physical activity but also from the competitive social interaction.

A soccer ball and a little space outside provide all the resources necessary to enjoy a simple family game of “pickup soccer.”  READ MORE

Safety Protocol

All we want is for everything be back to “normal” for soccer. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but there are safety steps that we need to take to keep our athletes safe and families safe as well. This is my safety protocol for my high school girls’ soccer program training.

Before a player even reports to the field, parents must take the players temperature as well as other family members. A staff member is at the gate and players must verify that family members do not have a temperature. We, as a staff, then proceed to do a touchless temp check at the gate to double check if the player has a fever. If the player has a fever, they do not enter the field and go home. Staff have a note pad that the staff record the players name and their temperatures on. READ MORE

Going Forward – Managing our Expectations

The Past 90 days have changed the way we look at things.

Recent changes in social distancing have brought “the family unit” within many countries closer together.

Youth players are at home with their parents and trying to keep their heads in the game, their foot skills sharp and their physical conditioning up to pair. Parents are closer to their players now more than ever before and can now provide positive feedback communications their coaches used to provide on an in-person basis.

Parent’s providing that critical feedback mechanism need to be aware of the positive impact on self-esteem the player will feel with proper communication. READ MORE

When your family shows support, nothing else matters.

I was never a talented kid, but I loved to play soccer. There was no game where I did not play with passion (I still do). However, there was no game I played harder or better than when my parents were there watching me!

My dad was a hard worker and my mother wasn’t a fan of sports, but I still remember whenever they showed up to my games how excited and special I felt. Once my dad said “you might not be a professional, but I am proud of your effort in every game.”

When I became a father, I saw things from the other side. My kids wanted to play soccer, but not because they liked the game. It was because they wanted my attention and my time. My 5 year old was learning how to pass using the inside of his foot. No one on the team knew how to do it but my son. I remember how the coach congratulated him. He replied very proudly “my dad taught me how to do it.” READ MORE

Soccer in our Culture and Family

Let me start by mentioning my love for Mexican powerful Club America, the reason? Well, it all goes down to when I was a little kid.

My Uncle used to make a Carne Asada (BBQ) every Sunday so we could sit and watch the team play.

I am not from Mexico city I was born and raised in Juarez Mexico, but it became a tradition to sit every Sunday and enjoy with my uncle and Neighborhood kids to eat and watch Club America soccer games.

With the soccer season finally kicking in, let us enjoy this moment and make wonderful memories, from the moment you sit in front of the TV with your kids wearing your team colors, to the moment you go to the soccer fields and cheer for your Kid. READ MORE