Safety Protocol

All we want is for everything be back to “normal” for soccer. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but there are safety steps that we need to take to keep our athletes safe and families safe as well. This is my safety protocol for my high school girls’ soccer program training.

Before a player even reports to the field, parents must take the players temperature as well as other family members. A staff member is at the gate and players must verify that family members do not have a temperature. We, as a staff, then proceed to do a touchless temp check at the gate to double check if the player has a fever. If the player has a fever, they do not enter the field and go home. Staff have a note pad that the staff record the players name and their temperatures on. READ MORE

COVID-19. The New Normal.

COVID-19 is not going away from all we are seeing.  As cases of outbreaks and peaks continue to rise in many parts of the country, and we gain more knowledge about the virus, we all face a lot of uncertainty in our planning for the next three months at least.

MOTI Sports does not have all the answers.  We are all looking for the best and most reliable information right now.  One thing that MOTI has discovered is that the MOTI MOBILE free App is a readymade solution for young aspiring soccer players. READ MORE

Broadcasting during a Quarantine

For the past 6 weeks, our lives have changed in a unique way.  COVID-19 caught us all by surprise,  and we have had to adjust appropriately.

My broadcasting career has been put on hold with the MLS suspending all games. Some MLS teams, however, are using the EA Sports’ FIFA video game to create a virtual league that fans can enjoy.  Believe it or not, this takes me back to my start in broadcasting.

I used to play FIFA in my PlayStation when I was a kid.  I would turn down the volume and do the play-by-play myself.  Now stuck at home, I am doing the play-by-play with my kids.  It is so much fun to hear my youngest say, “GOOOOOOOAAAAAAL!”  It takes me back to my childhood. READ MORE