From Player to Coach: Coaching in an Organized Fashion

In the summer of 2017, I was still in college, finishing up my undergrad while also getting experience in my field. I was approached by a coaching director of a local club if I had any interest in coaching a U10 boys soccer team. Growing up, I was passionate and engaged with the game of soccer but never thought to coach the game. I accepted the position and could not wait to share my knowledge with the youth players. Right away, I found a few challenges when it came to the entire process. Like most coaches at the youth level, I was not certified or licensed at a high level, so I was pretty much working off of previous experience from my coaches in the past years. The season went pretty well because the kids had so much passion for the game and were excited, but I know this is not the case for a lot of teams. It’s one thing if you have a team who is motivated on their own, but when it comes to a team that needs a motivating coach, that’s where having a system in place would be extremely valuable. READ MORE

Spring and New Era of Coaching

Spring and the Birth of a New Era in Coaching using Visual Technology – “Watching the Game”.

Virtual experience is the new key to shortening and shaping the learning curve for Soccer Coaches and Players. Instead of watching unimaginable hours, even years of game footage, or live matches, a new option is available through mobile 3D animated content. Think of a Soccer Session in your shirt or hip pocket at all times via a phone or tablet.

The Modern Game demands coaches and players to increase their understanding of the important ‘small elements’ of the game. These elements, like good technique and positioning are the glue that enables Speed of Play, Cooperative Input, Cohesive Interactions, and Synergies of Offense and Defense. A shared virtual learning experience can produce both individual player and team organizational speed and execution of tasks on the soccer field, even before taking the pitch. If that virtual learning is a Soccer Training Platform that has soccer ideas, concepts and theories melded into an intuitive, organized, curriculum, which is age and gender specific, it can be an instrumental aid for all participants in the Modern Game. READ MORE

MOTI Welcomes You to Coaching the Game of Soccer

Welcome to Coaching the Game of Soccer

Are you a new coach involved with Soccer for the first time asking – What do I do now?

What follows will give you enough pointers to begin coaching and give you a solid foundation to plan practices, identify and teach relevant soccer skills that will hopefully lead to bolstering your involvement in and ultimate enjoyment of the great game of soccer.

Soccer is a game of great skill and technique if it is to be played correctly and enjoyed immensely. When first starting out it is important, as a coach, that you not try to instruct the new player too much at one time. In the initial stages of development your concentration should be focused on having your players familiarize themselves with fundamental ball handling techniques. It is important that young players learn to control the ball with different body surfaces such as feet, thighs and chest. Being able to comfortably juggle the ball on all surfaces of the body is a natural progression to close ground control. Creating positive practice environments, especially during the beginning sessions, and allowing players to experience the many moves and technique skill sets together as a team is vital. Only with perseverance and repetitions will players attain the feel and touch required to have maximum control of their body and the ball. READ MORE