New Year & Time for A Prediction

A New Year & Time for A Prediction: New Technology Will Continue to Change & Enhance the Sports We Love

The articles, magazines and reporting that flash across my desk, computer and phone are screaming at me about technology and the ways it will impact how sport is going to be consumed, played and coached. Following are some of the technologies that are going to influence watching, playing and learning sports in 2019.

The printed ticket for any sporting event has become nearly extinct, replaced with a barcoded impression or picture on your smart phone or a PDF sent to your email for you to print and produce at the event. I think they call it mobile ticketing or biometric verification – new technology that is searching for a stable nomenclature that has been embraced by everyone. It is upon us and only took the first few months of 2018 to gain acceptance. READ MORE

MOTI Mobile Tip: Using 3D Animation Controls

When Viewing a 3D Skill or 3D Drill in the MOTI Mobile app, there are many available controls to enable you to view from the perspective you want to view from. The 3D animations are at the bottom of the screen in any orientation. We recommend viewing the 3D Skill 3D Skill in Portrait mode and the 3D Drill 3D Drill in landscape mode. The controls at the bottom of the screen, from left to right: Loop (tells the app to continuous play), Single Frame Back (moves the animation to the prior frame), Play (plays the animation it the forward time direction), Single Frame Forward (moves the animation to the next frame), Eye – opens a list of various positions for viewing, like Bird’s Eye) and Character – reserved for a future release. Remember as you maneuver around the 3D area using the Joy Stick on the Right side of the screen and the Elevation Control on the Left side of the screen. Pinching and Spreading your fingers on the screen will also allow Zoom in and out. Moving your finger across the screen will also change your Point of View (POV).   READ MORE