Physical Ed Teachers, MOTI is for you!

A soccer module is being taught in elementary and middle school for at least one two-week session, and often two separate two weeks sessions every year.  What if these teachers, most of whom are not proficient at soccer, are given the tools to present to their students an all-encompassing soccer unit with measurable standards!

We have developed, with the help of Physical Education Teachers and experts in the education field, a great tool for teachers to use in their classrooms that is flexible, inexpensive, fun for the kids, and produces measurable results. READ MORE

MOTI Mobile App – In-App-Subscriptions for Foot Skills (Techniques) Available

MOTI™ Sports is pleased to announce in our latest release of MOTI Mobile the availability of in-app-subscriptions. 

We are making our famous 3D Foot Skills available for youth soccer players in both boys and girls models. We have several development levels available:

  • Foundation Foot Skills – contains eight (8) narrated 3D motion-captured skills and 2 exercise 3D drills for beginning players – Priced at $0.99 per month
  • Advanced Foot Skills – contains nine (9) narrated 3D motion-captured skills and 2 exercise 3D drills for players who have mastered the Foundation Foot Skills – Priced at $1.49 per month
  • Premier Foot Skills – contains eleven (11) narrated 3D motion capture skills and 2 exercises 3D drills for players who have mastered the Advanced Foot Skills – Priced at $1.99 per month

Users, who require Spanish, can change the language in the app user profile and on the display.

To subscribe to our 3D Skills, look for the Shopping Bag in the App in either the App-View or soon in our next app release in Web-View. READ MORE

Hard work pays off

Wow!   December is here and the 2019 year is gone.  I want to thank each one of you for taking the time to read this column.

Every team goes through a bad stretch, when the results just don’t come.  The team plays well, they execute, but the goals just don’t come.

This takes me to 2008 when I Met Claudio “Piojo” Lopez.  Back than Club America (from the Mexican soccer league) was going thru a bad moment.  Claudio played for Club America, so I asked how he felt about the team.  He said something that stuck with me forever, “we need to just work hard.” READ MORE

COACHES CORNER: Does Nutmeg Really Belong in the Kitchen?!

I have a kid who truly loves playing soccer. There is a long list of amazing byproducts of this, including great friendships (for the kid and for me!) and learning important life skills and big life lessons (yes, again, for both us).

If I’m honest, there is also a short list of minor annoyances that have resulted from it.

Most of those are obvious: stinky cleats, missing shin pad sleeves, an ever evolving rotation of lost water bottles…There is also a not so well known one. Top of this list is something that nobody warned me about and I would never have guessed was “a thing.” READ MORE

Where are youth playing soccer in the USA?

Across the USA soccer appears as the corner stone of attracting youth and their parents as one of the best team sports. From the ages of 5 up to 12 years old, soccer is played everywhere. While all the groups below have differing offerings, the idea and end results remain the same. Get the players on a team to:

  • Have fun
  • Exercise
  • Learn skills
  • Learn to work together as a team (team work)
  • Build relationships
  • Learn to communicate
  • Develop self –confidence
  • Develop empathy for others

Recently, in visiting with a several people, I learned that depending on the “level” of soccer parents sign their player up for, the cost can range from as low as $30 to $4,500 and beyond to be “on the team”. READ MORE

Where are the skills?

Have you watched a youth soccer practice or asked your 5th grader about their soccer unit for gym class lately?  What are your observations?

I have, and as a lifelong soccer coach it scares me.  What I have been seeing in the classroom and on the soccer field is an emphasis on playing games at the expense of time spent on individual skills.

Now we all know that the kids, when asked what they want to do, will say enthusiastically “PLAY.”  Not surprising is it.  Playing is FUN, and that is why soccer is such a success with youth in and out of the classroom. READ MORE

When your family shows support, nothing else matters.

I was never a talented kid, but I loved to play soccer. There was no game where I did not play with passion (I still do). However, there was no game I played harder or better than when my parents were there watching me!

My dad was a hard worker and my mother wasn’t a fan of sports, but I still remember whenever they showed up to my games how excited and special I felt. Once my dad said “you might not be a professional, but I am proud of your effort in every game.”

When I became a father, I saw things from the other side. My kids wanted to play soccer, but not because they liked the game. It was because they wanted my attention and my time. My 5 year old was learning how to pass using the inside of his foot. No one on the team knew how to do it but my son. I remember how the coach congratulated him. He replied very proudly “my dad taught me how to do it.” READ MORE