MOTI Website Tip: Adding User Language Choice

You may have noticed we are adding things to help people for whom English
is not their first language. We truly feel that Futebol / Football / Soccer
/ Foitbal needs to have a training system that is inclusive of all players
and coaches on the world stage.

As your players and coaches look at their profile, they can choose a favored language. Until we have those audio tracks completed, they will continue to receive the English audio track. However, we are working at adding Spanish and Portuguese audio tracks for all of our 3D media, both 3D Drills and 3D

MOTI Website Tip: Users

Users – Everyone We moved the Media Library from the main user Dashboard for Coaches and Players. We were seeing new users opening items in the Media Library vs opening the Practice Plan. Media Library is still available via the menu options.

Users – Coaches Recently, MOTI enhanced the process for coaches to view practice plans. In the past when the coach viewed the list of practice plans and opened one, we assumed that the coach was going to “edit” the practice plan. We’ve changed this assumption that Coaches want to view a plan, We’ve added an option to the Menu of Actions you can take with any Practice Plan as a Coach, you can “view” it. If you click the name, you will go to view it vs edit it as in the past. READ MORE

MOTI Website Tip: Practice Plan External Video Link

Practice Plans – How can I create a link to another internet video with in my practice plan?

Coaches can edit the practice plans provided with the MOTI™ Sports Soccer Training Platform or create a new practice plan. MOTI expects coaches & clubs to include their own coaching materials (AUDIO, DOCUMENT, IMAGE, LINK or VIDEOS, within these practice plans and we’ve engineered for you to do that. A Coach, Director or Administrator can create a “media element” by selecting Media Library in the blue menu and scrolling to the bottom to the ADD MEDIA button. or using the + symbol (if present) at the top of the Media Library list. READ MORE

MOTI Website Tip: Who Visited?

As a director / administrator it is nice to see who in your club is actively using the system for both Coaches & Players. As you view the Users of your club you can use the Sort UserSort User Icon to now sort the User list by:

  • Visited Last – provides a list in descending order of users date last visited
  • Visit Frequency – provides a list in descending order of #Visits in Last 90 days

Additionally you can Download Excel FileDownload an Excel File that will give you a spreadsheet of all users and see usage by user within team with in season. The spreadsheet will show all users with date last login and total login counts, by season. Finally, team analytics, allows the coach, director or administrator to view usage statistics by team users. View which practice plans were viewed, how often and what elements with in the practice plan and their frequency. READ MORE