MOTI Website Tip: Using Analytics

Using Analytics as a Coach to encourage watching Foot Skills and Drills.

Now that the season is underway, there are several methods of looking at your team’s usage of the system and increasing it. Remember even if players cannot practice every day, every time they watch and visualize in their head “the strike they are making on the ball and the form they are using” or the “movement and passing in an activity” the more they are learning the game.

Alan Merrick reminds coaches how easy and fun it can be to use the Announcement Board and create a small competition among players out of viewing and practicing the Foot Skills. Each practice there is a bottle of water given to the player with the most views and touches! READ MORE

Personalizing Practice Plans – Part 1 of 3

Coaching Directors and Coaches have great training materials they have used
successfully in the past they need to share training with coaches and
player(s). These next three articles will demonstrate the process used to
create media elements (videos, links to other systems, Images, Documents,
Audio) and incorporate them into your practice plans right along with the
MOTI 3D media elements.

Creating Organization or Team videos to share:

Directors and coaches depending on the system rights provided by
their subscription my upload and make videos available to other coaches and
or players.

There are several things you must be aware of while creating your media
elements for sharing with other coaches and players.

Make the Content Acceptable to all.

  • In the MOTI Terms and Conditions you accepted when you signed in to our
  • You are asserting you own or have permission to put the material on the
    web for public consumption of your coaches, parents and players and you
    are not violating any copyrights.
  • The material you are putting on our system contains content you or your
    organization has approved of with respect to not being offensive to any
    parties accessing your content
  • Does not violate any terms you’ve agreed to by signing into our system

    MOTI Website Tip: Announcements – Bringing Spirit to the Team

    As the season starts, spirits among players and coaches are high, and the Announcement Board on your Team Page is one way of keeping that positive attitude among your players and parents. If you make the announcement fun and interesting at the beginning of the season and change it daily, it becomes a connection point with your players and parents. The Announcement Board great communication tool that is easy to use.

    Alan Merrick has mentioned many times during presentations, that putting a inspirational quote like “, a positive remark about a game or practice, a mention of someones birthday, will help maintain that “can do” and “fun” attitude. Often distractions from the things that didn’t go as planned in a practice or game can be useful to help the players move ahead. Allowing a feeling or what went wrong to fester is unproductive for the team.

    So as you move thru the season, if the fields are a bit soggy because of wet weather, remember to keep the announcement lite and spirited like saying “Players to bring their “Life Vests” in case the ball goes floating away on the south end of the field. But also a pair of dry socks for the end of the session / game would be a great idea. Oh and happy birthday to Ben. “.

    Connecting with the Team is easy with the Announcement Board which every player and parent will see daily. Have fun with it!

    As Alan always ends his emails with:

    “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”
    Winston Churchill

    MOTI Website Tip: End of Season Results

    As the season closes for most spring soccer programs, the most pressing
    questions for a Coach or Director of Coaching are:

    • Did I succeed on making an impact on the kids and improving their
      technical and tactical abilities?
    • Did we improve our process of teaching / training methods?
    • Do we know who used our system and how much it was used by users?
    • What was effective and what wasn’t?
    • What do we do next to increase our effectiveness?

    Our Coachspage system can help you the Coach or Director of Coaching answer
    some of those questions.

    Our Team Analytics will show you by Roster Member or Practice Plan who used
    which 3D Training Elements, from which medium (desktop or app) and the last
    time they used the system. Coaches can evaluate this information and
    decide, based on their observation how players progressed and where
    improvements are needed in individual player skills. Directors of Coaching
    can drill down to the team level and evaluate the same information.

    User usage for the entire organization is available with the (download arrow) from the All users menu.

    This will download an Excel spreadsheet providing a login summary by user,
    team and season in your organization.

    Remember that some of this is direct observation and some of it can be data
    driven. Remember to ask your coaches, players and parents.

    Remember we at MOTI are here to help you succeed. Have a restful break.

    MOTI Website Tip: Import Players

    To import players, go to your team Roster available on the left navigation bar. At the bottom of the Roster click the “Import Players” button on the bottom right and you will see the following

    Here you are presented with a choice of either the Sports Engine team management system or the Team Snap system. Select the desired system and click the “Import Players” button on the bottom right.

    Note that when you give permission to the MOTI system to access your Sports Engine or Team Snap account, we are connecting in read-only mode.

    For Sports Engine, you will see the following:

    You need to provide your Sports Engine credentials to proceed and you might see the following screen authorizing the MOTI app:

    For Team Snap, you will see the following:

    You need to provide your Team Snap credentials to proceed and you might see the following screen authorizing the MOTI app:


    After you successfully authenticate the MOTI app to your Sports Engine or Team Snap account, you will see a list of teams from which you can import players.

    After you select the desired team, click the “Import Players” button in the lower right corner and your players will be added to the team.

    Note that we only add new players to your team that do not already exist on your team. If you add more players in either Sports Engine or Team Snap, you can import players again and only the additional players will be added to the MOTI Roster.

    MOTI Website Tip: Adding & Creating a New Practice Plan

    As a coach you may desire to modify, add or change an existing practice

    It is recommended that you do the following actions from a desktop or
    laptop computer, creating and editing are done best in those environments.

    Adding & Creating a New Plan

    1. Go your Plan Library
    2. One the far upper right hand corner click the “+” (plus sign). This
      opens a new Plan
    3. Fill in the Practice Plan Header

    a. Fill in the ‘Practice Plan Title” with a new name

    Suggestion: Use a prefix like abbreviated team name first followed by a name that is meaningful to you and players

    b. Fill in the “Practice Plan Date” using the date picker (you can do this
    later as well)

    c. Fill in the “Practice Plan time” using the time picker (you can do this
    later as well)

    d. Fill in the “Practice Location” if desired

    e. Fill in the “Practice Plan Description” up to 200 characters for more
    communication to you players and coaches

    f. Check the box to make this Plan Active (visible to others when

    g. Organization – make sure your “organization” is visibly selected

    h. Season – make sure your “season” is visibly selected

    i. Team – make sure it is “your team” where you are adding the Practice


  • Filling the Practice Plan detail (Drop N Drag)

    MOTI Website Tip: Plan It, Schedule It, See It, Do It

    “Plan It, Schedule It, See It, Do It”

    You’re a DOC, Rec Director, Coach, Volunteer Parent Coach, or Player you all have a responsibility in making the practice time on the pitch PRODUCTIVE and FUN.

    Plan It

    While not all of you have a role in the specific of “Plan It” [Creating a Practice Plan], those that do are:

    DOC or Recreational Director

    Coach [Note some clubs have already done this work for the Coaches, if so, go to “Schedule It”]

    Do this step via a Desktop or Laptop computer “NOT via a Mobile Device”

    Create the Practice Plan for the Team to Use

    Select a Practice Plan or create a new one with the “Theme” and sequence of training steps you want to follow by

    1. Go to the Plan Library on either your planning team or team
    2. Open the existing Practice Plan, Copy and existing plan to a new name or Create a new Practice Plan
    3. Pick a “Theme” or select an existing practice plan with the theme you desire, Dribbling, Passing, Attacking, Defending, Setup like Corner Kick, Throw-in, etc. This will be the focus of this training session.
    4. Create the or modify the Practice Plan Header information

    Practice Plan Title – for a new plan or a copied plan you need to create a meaningful name.

    Practice Plan Date – Select a date or do this when scheduling

    Practice Plan Time – Select a time or do this when scheduling

    Plan Location – Enter this or later when scheduling READ MORE

    MOTI Website Tips: Announcements & Message Emoji

    Announcement Board 

    As we head into spring it is often important to keep the entire Team informed. As a coach, you simply need to update the Announcement board if you don’t have a access to a team management app. It is simple and you can do it from your mobile phone.

    As a reminder, you should put up any changes to your schedule or specific instructions for the upcoming practice or game.

    Also keep in mind you can put in a simple weather statement and or link to the US Weather service like this (this can be obtained by going to putting in a city name or zipcode and then copying and pasting the result in the link (see insert)CV

    Then consider a statement about dressing for the weather

    Message Emoji available now 

    When sending a brief message to a player or the entire team or another coach you can now brighten up everyone’s day with an emoji.

    Remember everyone responds to recognition and a simple message of re-enforcement is an easy thing to do and means a lot to the person on the other end.