Drill Camera Controls

MOTI Mobile Camera Controls for Drills provides the user with dynamic options to review and study drills.  From tracking a player on the field to viewing a drill from overhead to actually being the player, the camera controls provide a multitude of options.

The review of the camera modes will be divided into 4 different parts.  Topics for the 4 parts are:

  1. Motion Controls and Overview (this article) – Part 1 will introduce the motion controls available to the user (finger-gestures and on-screen joysticks) and provide a high-level overview of each of the camera modes.
  2. Pivot-In-Place and Rotate-Around-Location – Part 2 covers two modes that provide a very flexible overview of a drill. As a note, Pivot-In-Place is the default mode when a drill starts.
  3. Follow-Player, Follow-Ball, Track-Player, and Track-Ball – Part 3 will explore the ‘follow’ and ‘tracking’ options. These modes facilitate focusing on specific player/ball in a complex drill.
  4. Top-Down Perspective – Part 4 reviews a viewing-mechanism of the field that will be very familiar with users that play some of the most popular real-time strategy games.

Motion Controls

The motion of the camera can be controlled by finger-gestures and by the on-screen joysticks.

Finger Gestures

Common finger gestures are used with the touchscreen.  The effect of the finger gestures will change based on the camera mode that is selected.  The individual effects will be outlined in the article that contains the camera mode.   The following terms in these articles will be used to describe motion on the touchscreen.  Currently, the finger gestures are: READ MORE

MOTI Mobile App – In-App-Subscriptions for Foot Skills (Techniques) Available

MOTI™ Sports is pleased to announce in our latest release of MOTI Mobile the availability of in-app-subscriptions. 

We are making our famous 3D Foot Skills available for youth soccer players in both boys and girls models. We have several development levels available:

  • Foundation Foot Skills – contains eight (8) narrated 3D motion-captured skills and 2 exercise 3D drills for beginning players – Priced at $0.99 per month
  • Advanced Foot Skills – contains nine (9) narrated 3D motion-captured skills and 2 exercise 3D drills for players who have mastered the Foundation Foot Skills – Priced at $1.49 per month
  • Premier Foot Skills – contains eleven (11) narrated 3D motion capture skills and 2 exercises 3D drills for players who have mastered the Advanced Foot Skills – Priced at $1.99 per month

Users, who require Spanish, can change the language in the app user profile and on the display.

To subscribe to our 3D Skills, look for the Shopping Bag in the App in either the App-View or soon in our next app release in Web-View. READ MORE

Tips for Coaches using the MOTI Mobile App

Coaches using the MOTI Mobile App do several basic functions on a weekly basis. This short article will guide you thru these basic functions as if you were on your phone vs a desktop platform.

1. Set-up the App to save your password, so you do not need to enter it every time

a. Before signing in Check the box on the Sign-In saying “Remember Me

b. Switch to APP VIEW from Web View, by pressing the button at the bottom of the Screen. If you see the “Gear” or Settings Button at the top of the Screen and the bottom button says “SWITCH TO WEB VIEW” – Then you are in APP VIEW. READ MORE

MOTI Mobile Tip: Making Communicating with your Team Simple!

The Announcement Board

Communicate so everyone hears your message!

You, as the Coach, should customize the Announcement as soon as you can.  Then remind players, coaches and parents to view the Announcements to obtain up-to-date information.  

Once players, coaches, and parents view the Announcement they will see the benefit of it.  No more email messages to hunt for in your email, trying to remember which email address they are coming to, or remembering which “category” your email provider shuffled your messages of to in their attempt to organize your life. READ MORE

MOTI Mobile Tip: Reliance on the Internet

Over the past 5 years, our dependence on internet access in our daily lives has grown exponentially.

Just a short 3-4 years ago communications between Coach and Player or Parent was simply by phone call.

Now we have come to rely on email, texts or team management systems, and we hope the communications are up to the minute.

Today with hot-spots on cell phones and wifi access points (almost) everywhere we’ve begun to forget about “not being connected”.

We at MOTI Sports, always want you to be able to access our 3D Training Content, where ever you are located. READ MORE

MOTI Mobile Tip: Version 2.9.5

MOTI Mobile Version 2.9.5+

With the “I am new to MOTI Sports” new users can simple more into a mode that allows them to experience several 3D Skills and several 3D Drills. Existing users will be directed to enter their password and move on to their Team Page.

Note: When touching the username field, some phone models will open an input line directly over the Copyright statement at the bottom of the screen. Once touched the device keyboard will appear.

New Landing View, once you arrive at your team page after logging in the system you will be viewing a combined Announcement Board and current practice plan on the same page. Saving unnecessary clicks is important. READ MORE