A Father’s Day to Remember for Soccer Loving Dads

Spend quality time with your kids this Father’s Day learning soccer moves and skills.  Use the FREE Foundation Soccer Skills available from MOTI Sports to help you teach soccer skills to your child while enjoying time with them.  Make this a Father’s Day to remember.    

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Going Forward – Managing our Expectations

The Past 90 days have changed the way we look at things.

Recent changes in social distancing have brought “the family unit” within many countries closer together.

Youth players are at home with their parents and trying to keep their heads in the game, their foot skills sharp and their physical conditioning up to pair. Parents are closer to their players now more than ever before and can now provide positive feedback communications their coaches used to provide on an in-person basis.

Parent’s providing that critical feedback mechanism need to be aware of the positive impact on self-esteem the player will feel with proper communication. READ MORE

Stuck At Home

We understand that kids have lots of energy. The MOTI Mobile Soccer Training App is here for you. Keep your kids busy learning Soccer skills. 

In this time of uncertainty and distancing, we have decided to offer our Foundation Soccer Skills package for FREE!

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    Fixing the problem – A Carpenter with no Hammer Skills?

    We all have seen how a carpenter can use tools, like a hammer to drive nails binding two pieces of wood together to create structures. 

    But what happens when a carpenter does not have the skill or know how to use the hammer to drive the nails into the wood to bind two pieces together?

    Youth Soccer Players often face the same dilemma. 

    Parents signup players, players then come to practice and with the new Play-Practice-Play training methodology from US Soccer without any knowledge of foot skills. US Soccer assumes that players will learn them by watching other players. That eventually does occur. But in the meantime, what happens to that player?  READ MORE

    You get what you inspect, not what you expect

    When MOTI engineers began collecting analytics at the inception of our system, the thought was that training systems should provide feedback to all levels of users.

    It always amazes me when coaches say, “I can come up with my own videos for training”.

    What they fail to realize is do they have a system to monitor and determine:

    • Who is using the training content?
    • How often is it being used?
    • Is it being used effectively?
    • How does one encourage usage of training content?

    Over the past few years we’ve seen enormous amounts of energy spent by coaches creating their own video training and wondering at the end why it has not worked as effectively as they desired. READ MORE