MOTI Youth Soccer Summit 2020

MOTI Sports is hosting an online soccer conference and we want you to come. Join us on Wednesday, December 17th to watch demonstrations, follow discussions, and learn about staying relevant in the ever-changing sports environment.

Featured Speakers include; Skip Gilbert – CEO US Youth Soccer, Ian Barker – Director of Education United Soccer Coaches Association, Dr. Ben Schwamberger Associate Professor of Physical Education & School Health Program Department of Human Performance Minnesota State University. READ MORE

Keeping Kids Active – Emotionally Satisfying for everyone

As the season for playing soccer comes to an end and we enter the holidays, it is a great time to get players and students involved in the development of their foot skills. We all know if left alone a lot of sedentary time will occur around the house with players and students as they try to “relax”. Over the course of a few days, inactivity and lack of a routine to follow players and students will become irritable. Without steady exercise, it begins to affect family interactions as well. As humans, we are designed to be active. As parents, without activity, you can see firsthand the emotional effect on the players and students. READ MORE

Family that Plays Together

Families that Play together…Stay together

Most families that had “busy schedules” prior to the pandemic have slowed almost to a stop along with their physical activity levels.

Take the initiative playing “pickup soccer” as a family physical activity that is fun and rewarding. 

Parents, children, grandparents, close family members all benefit from not only physical activity but also from the competitive social interaction.

A soccer ball and a little space outside provide all the resources necessary to enjoy a simple family game of “pickup soccer.”  READ MORE

Teachers Prepare

Teachers Prepare: to teaching Soccer in three scenarios?

As August is here, so is the beginning of school, but now teachers need to prepare to be able to teach in three differing scenarios; traditional classroom (gym, or outside); remote learning, and or a combination.

This spring MOTI released our “OneTeacher:  system of soccer skills instruction.  Designed after articles published in Shape America (Society of Health and Physical Educators), we put the power of visual 3D learning affordably in the hands of educators like yourself.  Plus, we provided you with daily lesson plans to help you do your role in making sure the instruction meets the Power Standards and can be turned in to your Curriculum Manager. READ MORE