Drill Camera Controls Series 3

Welcome back to the 3-part series on MOTI Mobile drill controls. In this article the Drill Effects will be reviewed and explained. Utilizing these features, viewing and tracking the motion in the play is improved by the use of on-field annotation.

To recap, the review of the drill controls are divided into 3 parts. Topics for the 3 parts are:

  1. Animation Controls and Overview – Part 1 introduced the main
    control panel, the animation controls and the menu/control-panel buttons.
  2. Zoom Controls and Camera Views Menu– Part 2 covered both the
    zoom controls and the camera view menu that help with viewing the drill in different ways.
  3. Drill Effects (this article) – Part 3 covers the drill effects
    that are available to help visualize the workings of the drill.


The first article introduced layout of the drill controls in the panel and described the functionality of each of the buttons and controls. The content of the this article will be used as a basis of this article. Read the first article if these concepts are unfamiliar or a refresher is needed. READ MORE

Minute with Merrick Episode 05

New Coach? What now?

Alan shares advice for youth soccer players, parents, coaches, and fans of soccer during these “Minute with Merrick” episodes.

Alan Merrick is MOTI’s Director of Soccer Content. Alan’s professional career began in English as he played for West Bromwich Albion as well as the English Junior National Team. He played for 10 years in England, before moving to the United States in 1976 where he played for the Minnesota Kicks. His career as a player also included playing for The LA Aztecs, San Jose Earthquakes, Toronto Blizzards, before returning to Minnesota to play for the Minnesota Kicks once again, and Playing for the US National Team – Team America. He coached the in-door NASL Team, the Minnesota Strikers for 6 years, and the University of Minnesota Men’s Club Team for over 20 seasons. Alan helped start the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association with others and has been coaching youth players, and teaching coaches for over 40 years. Alan holds coaching licenses in England, the USSF A License, and Canadian Coaching License. READ MORE

Soccer Lesson Plans For Teachers

Alan shares advice for elementary, middle school, and physical education teachers on how to integrate proper and effective soccer lesson plans into in-person, hybrid, or distance learning curriculum.

Alan Merrick is an international soccer legend both as a professional player and coach, Alan now dedicates his time to teaching the sport with MOTI Sports’ 3D Mobile Soccer Training Platform.